NAD Board & Team Meeting - January 2024

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The NAD Board and Team met at the NAD Headquarters in Maryland for their Board meeting and to celebrate the new year, visit Maryland School for the Deaf Columbia and Frederick, and joined the local community at an event hosted by the Maryland Association of the Deaf.

[VIDEO DESC: Video montage of NAD Board and Team members engaging in different activities.

VIDEO: Lizzie and Howard are having a conversation in Howard’s office.

VIDEO: Stephanie, Tyese, Jenilee, and Lisa are in the NAD Headquarters lobby.

VIDEO: Emily is filming Howard.

VIDEO: Alex and Milmaglyn are having a conversation in the lobby while others are sitting in the conference room.

VIDEO: Stephanie, Nicholas, and Linsay Jr. are sitting in the conference room.

VIDEO: Howard is smiling at someone off-camera.

VIDEO: Jenny is sharing instructions with the Board.

VIDEO: Laura, Milmaglyn, and Dino are responding to someone off-camera.

VIDEO: Close-up of the Maryland School for the Deaf’s Frederick signage as several NAD Board members walk by.

VIDEO: Superintendent John Serrano leads the tour along with a student.

VIDEO: Jenny, Nicholas, and Tyese are interacting with students in the library.

VIDEO: Several NAD Board members are standing in front of a class, Dino is introducing himself.

VIDEO: Several NAD Board members watch on as Superintendent John Serrano explains some history from inside the museum.

VIDEO: Superintendent John Serrano shares some remarks with the NAD Board and Team members.

VIDEO: Lisa makes a comment.

VIDEO: Jacob and Dino give a report.

VIDEO: Several NAD Board members are playing foosball with a student.

VIDEO: Howard walks by a bulletin board displaying, “Celebrating Maryland School for the Deaf, 50 years.”

VIDEO: The NAD Board and Team members receive a warm welcome to MSD’s Columbia campus.

VIDEO: A teacher explains their classroom’s activities.

VIDEO: Laura is giving a report.

VIDEO: At the NAD Headquarters Conference Room, Akilah English leads a training with the NAD Board.

VIDEO: NAD Board members are doing an activity.

Video ends with Nicholas, Jenny, Laura, Dino, Tyese, Michael, and Howard all signing, “CHAMP!”]

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