The main goal of the R-List is to promote and maintain a healthy and positive environment at DeafVIDEO.TV.
Above all, videos published to DeafVIDEO.TV are subject to YouTube’s Terms of Use.

YouTube doesn’t allow videos with nudity, graphic violence or hate. Read YouTube’s Community Guidelines to learn what kind of content is allowed and is not allowed. If you come across a YouTube video like this on DeafVIDEO.TV, reporting it to DeafVIDEO.TV is not enough. Flag it as Inappropriate to report it to YouTube.

Cyberstalking and computer harassment

Cyberstalking is the use of information and communications technology, particularly the Internet, by an individual or group of individuals, to harass another individual, group of individuals, or organization. The behavior includes monitoring, the transmission of threats, identity theft, damage to data or equipment, the solicitation of minors for sexual purposes, and gathering information for harassment purposes.

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Cyberstalking Resources,
WHOA: CyberStalking laws

Types of Harassment

Swear Words

Using swear words to address others in DeafVIDEO.TV is unacceptable. “I had a fuckin’ hard day” is different that “Fuck you!”.
“Oh shit, my mistake” is different than “You don’t know shit!”

Questions related to Swear Words can be left via video comments here


A form of computer harassment, name-calling is an attack upon a person or group. Examples: “idiot”, “low-functioning”, “prick”, “dumbass”.

Questions related to Name-calling can be left via video comments here

Hate Crime

Hate crimes (also known as bias motivated crimes) occur when a perpetrator targets a victim because of his or her membership in a certain social group, usually defined by racial group, religion, sexual orientation, disability, ethnicity, nationality, age, gender, gender identity, or political affiliation.
Source: Wikipedia


Any pornography on DeafVIDEO.TV will be immediate basis for a 6 month suspension, without warning. Pornography includes using actors or real persons, cartoons, drawings or other figures.

Allowing a suspended or banned user use your account

If you allow a vlog or video comment to be used by a suspended or banned user in any way, this will lead to a warning.

Questions related to Banned Persons can be left via video comments here

Copying Videos from the Inbox (Private Messages)

If a YouTube video, or “vlog”, appears on DeafVIDEO.TV showing your Inbox (“Private Message”) video without your permission, the offending video will be removed from DeafVIDEO.TV and the video’s owner will given one warning. Notify the DeafVIDEO.TV owner of a such offense by sending an e-mail here.


DeafVIDEO.TV operates on a two strikes policy. Users will be warned a maximum of two times for any and all offenses in a 12 month period. If an user with two prior warnings violates a rule within a 12 month period, they are suspended, varying in length depending on the offenses. Suspensions may be for 3, 6 or 12 months.

If the same or similar warning is given twice, the offending user will be suspended.

Some offenses may be serious enough to permanently ban the user from DeafVIDEO.TV. Bans are infinite and are a last resort and thought is given before implementing them. While DeafVIDEO.TV may consider lifting bans from time to time, this is a rare occurrence.

An suspended user that re-registers under a non-banned username or posts using another user’s account will lead to a ban.

An exception to the two strike rule applies when users send the operator of DeafVIDEO.TV, via any method, insulting, indecent or vulgar material. The exception also applies if the operator of DeafVIDEO.TV is stalked, offended or threatened via any method. Such users may be subject to an 12 month suspension or a ban depending on the offense.

In cases the user is warned, DeafVIDEO.TV will contact the user using the e-mail address given or at their DeafVIDEO.TV Inbox. DeafVIDEO.TV is not responsible if the e-mail address is unreachable or if the operator is blocked by the user, or the user does not check their e-mail or DeafVIDEO.TV Inbox on a regular basis.

We at DeafVIDEO.TV are committed to increasing the accessibility of information for the sign language community users and look forward to a positive and thriving exchange of views in a respectful and safe manner.