NAD : National Anthem Disappointed

CoolPJR   February 4, 2014 in ASL

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Kudos to Amber Zion for doing a beautiful job. We feel we need to make a couple of changes for the sake of our future deaf children.

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  1. Title:   Time for CHANGE !
  2. ReplyTo:   CoolPJR
  3. ReplyTo:   WesleyArey36
    Title:   Understandable

  4. Title:   TV rating
  5. ReplyTo:   CoolPJR
    Title:   i been wait for thi vlog
  6. ReplyTo:   CoolPJR
    Title:   Money Issue & Limit
  7. ReplyTo:   ASLSkuzzy
    Title:   Three Cheers :) :) :)
  8. ReplyTo:   CoolPJR
    Title:   That s correct
  9. ReplyTo:   NeaLaugh
    Title:   Explain abt money issue
  10. ReplyTo:   ASLSkuzzy
    Title:   Right but priceless
  11. ReplyTo:   ASLSkuzzy
    Title:   ASL to be heard
  12. ReplyTo:   CoolPJR
    Title:   Tv Com AD 1M ea.?
  13. ReplyTo:   NeaLaugh
    Title:   Glad u did :)
  14. ReplyTo:   CoolPJR
    Title:   Fair treatments
  15. ReplyTo:   CoolPJR
  16. ReplyTo:   ASLSkuzzy
    Title:   Time changes
  17. ReplyTo:   NeaLaugh, CoolPJR
    Title:   Money plays Power
  18. ReplyTo:   CoolPJR
  19. ReplyTo:   CoolPJR
    Title:   yeah
  20. ReplyTo:   mr lion
    Title:   Wait and see

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