DGM-Nation : Day After

CoolPJR   May 7, 2016 in ASL

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Why are oppression, job discrimation amd inequlaity issues still ongoing ? Where did it happen from ? We need to address these issues for our human rights as well as ASL rights. Your DGM-State did an awesome job ! Keep up the good work ahead. We never give up our deaf rights and save for our present and future deaf children.

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    Title:   Very well said!
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    Title:   Thanks, Luis
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    Title:   Where was NAD President
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    Title:   Did u participate ?

  8. Title:   Wonder if u did ?
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    Title:   Deaf generations
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    Title:   Just test
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  12. ReplyTo:   wnoakley, UA
    Title:   that school started
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    Title:   Tagging you guys

  14. Title:   Everyday is a new day
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  16. Title:   We did on VP
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    Title:   My nephew
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    Title:   Thank you
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    Title:   Not NAD itself

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