Twitter did a good job ! Thanks, Jon

CoolPJR   November 14, 2013 in ASL

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Thanks to Cool Jon for a great suggestion. Lowes replied quickly by seeing Twitter's message. Worth to use it or what ?

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  1. Title:   Thanks, Cool Jon :)
  2. ReplyTo:   CoolPJR
    Title:   ok to use
  3. ReplyTo:   CoolPJR
  4. ReplyTo:   CoolPJR
  5. ReplyTo:   sunasl1, ASLisGreat
    Title:   Here is the detail...
  6. ReplyTo:   sunasl1
    Title:   Maybe once use it ?
  7. ReplyTo:   vsolano
    Title:   Good thing
  8. ReplyTo:   CoolPJR
    Title:   can use facebook
  9. ReplyTo:   signhand
    Title:   Okay...Thanks...
  10. ReplyTo:   CoolPJR
    Title:   u did the right thing
  11. ReplyTo:   CoolPJR
    Title:   hi
  12. ReplyTo:   CoolPJR
    Title:   what u think if use fb?
  13. ReplyTo:   ASLisGreat
    Title:   Smiling....
  14. ReplyTo:   ASLisGreat
    Title:   See CoolJon's comment 11

  15. Title:   Right about attention
  16. ReplyTo:   lamarcia40
    Title:   Three cheers...
  17. ReplyTo:   signhand
    Title:   Facebook

  18. Title:   Thanks for clicking star
  19. ReplyTo:   CoolPJR
    Title:   Good Luck!!!
  20. ReplyTo:   CoolPJR

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