CoolPJR   July 30, 2013 in ASL

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A humor video and DEFXYZ has yet to post his true vlog on DVTV. Tell him that it is time for him to do it. :) :) :)

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  1. Title:   For DEFXYZ
  2. ReplyTo:   CoolPJR

  3. Title:   Wes and his gang
  4. ReplyTo:   CoolPJR
  5. ReplyTo:   Deaf Hunter
    Title:   Okay but he has not...
  6. ReplyTo:   Carolinabiker
    Title:   As long as u are happy
  7. ReplyTo:   CoolPJR, Deaf Hunter, Carolinabiker
    Title:   gluap!!!!!!
  8. ReplyTo:   CoolPJR
  9. ReplyTo:   CoolPJR
  10. ReplyTo:   CoolPJR

  11. Title:   So have I...
  12. ReplyTo:   vsolano, Deaf Hunter, Carolinabiker
    Title:   Comment #8
  13. ReplyTo:   vsolano
    Title:   Good..Thanks...
  14. ReplyTo:   miamivice
    Title:   Need a rope ?
  15. ReplyTo:   wnoakley
    Title:   S3 champ S4 CHAMP !
  16. ReplyTo:   vsolano, wnoakley, Deaf Hunter, miamivice, Carolinabiker
    Title:   Tell DEFXYZ
  17. ReplyTo:   CoolPJR
  18. ReplyTo:   wnoakley
    Title:   Restless sleep for sure

  19. Title:   50th Video a special one
  20. ReplyTo:   CoolPJR
    Title:   New Record

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