Deaf Monty Show - Fund raising

CoolPJR   February 15, 2013 in ASL

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While at the NJAD State conference, we did give a fund raising drama for Youth Leadership Camp (YLC). Some of us NJAD Board members participated in fo ...Read More

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  1. Title:   For Cool Jon
  2. ReplyTo:   CoolPJR
  3. ReplyTo:   Carolinabiker
    Title:   2001 and today
  4. ReplyTo:   CoolPJR
    Title:   Bravo!
  5. ReplyTo:   CoolPJR
    Title:   Hi :)
  6. ReplyTo:   CoolPJR
    Title:   Hello :)
  7. ReplyTo:   ProCami
    Title:   Smiling....

  8. Title:   Trouble maker ?
  9. ReplyTo:   CoolPJR

  10. Title:   Yeah about Deaf Monty
  11. ReplyTo:   DeafKitty
    Title:   Good to see u finally :)
  12. ReplyTo:   shebaby
    Title:   Awwwww.....
  13. ReplyTo:   CoolPJR
    Title:   ha ha
  14. ReplyTo:   DeafKitty, shebaby, Carolinabiker, ProCami
    Title:   Golden Deaf Monty Return
  15. ReplyTo:   kazio63
    Title:   I am safe not him :)
  16. ReplyTo:   CoolPJR
    Title:   Carl and Wayne :-D
  17. ReplyTo:   CoolPJR
  18. ReplyTo:   NYGREEK64
    Title:   Bingo :)
  19. ReplyTo:   NYGREEK64
    Title:   Yeah just 4 of us
  20. ReplyTo:   shebaby
    Title:   If u were there ?

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