Thank you very much, NAD !

CoolPJR   June 5, 2012 in ASL

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A very special thank to Attorney Marc Charmatz and Attorney Mary Vargas at the National Association of the Deaf Law Center. I also wanted to thank Jo ...Read More

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  1. Title:   True
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    Title:   good and bad always
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  5. Title:   Thanks and U are a STAR
  6. ReplyTo:   DeafHawk62
    Title:   See Cool Jon's comment
  7. ReplyTo:   CoolPJR
    Title:   Compliment you both!
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    Title:   Right on
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    Title:   wow good!
  10. ReplyTo:   kazio63
    Title:   Well, ur rights are

  11. Title:   Okie Dokie

  12. Title:   Good

  13. Title:   Got it....

  14. Title:   Yeah

  15. Title:   A NJ native

  16. Title:   Cheers
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    Title:   2 Cool ?
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    Title:   Yeah Two Cool Umpires

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