If we are going to stop Project 2025 and the Nazification of America by Trump...

deafguy55     July 8, 2024 in deafguy55\'s perspectives-generally Political News and Religions 41 Subscribers Subscribe

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Link , Link , Link , [Right now, the LCBO puts $2.5 Billion *annually* into Ontario’s public services! Doug Ford’s dumb idea: privatize alcohol sales so that he can divert a chunk of those tax dollars into the pockets of his wealthiest, well-connected donors!], Link , Link , Link , Link , [One day, Ontarian’s will look back at how incredibly stupid this guy is and wonder how the fuck it was remotely possible. Our kids will start asking us about that time “Canada’s dumbest redneck” fucked over 15 million people for a decade with 30 second videos about booze and donuts.], Link , Link , Link , [Joe Biden isn’t a young man, but he’s a damn good President and results matter.]

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