When the trumpet sounds?

DeafCanDoIt     January 11, 2024 in ASL 8 Subscribers Subscribe

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Featured 6 new Recently Seen Dut Israel Top Contributor · 2h · Dut Israel 10h · The Rapture of the church and the great tribulation.(1thessalonians 4:16-18, revelation 7:14) Rapture is a day when the Lord Jesus Christ will take his bride (church, his saints). great tribulation is the suffering which will occur after Rapture day event and majority will suffer from warth of God and torturing of antichrist.the colours of Pope Francis after Rapture day event, Pope Francis will be given power vision by Satan and he will gather all people's of the Earth before him to receive the Mark of the beast,he will send out worldly soldiers and give them power vision to search for the left behind people's inorder to receive the forceful Mark of the beast: those who accept the Mark of the beast 666 are in danger of eternal condemnation, lake of fire.they left behind will experience hell on Earth since they have rejected the mercy and Grace of God Almighty.. Jesus Christ the only true Almighty God, Lord and Saviour of humanity. Who are left behind? Sinner's, unbelievers, unrepentants, Idol's worshippers, Buddhist, Hinduism, believers, catholic believers, Jehovah witness believers, SDA believers, Islamic believers,freemansory believers, Mormonism believers,omnism believers, polytheism believers,Raelism believers, heresies believers, Sikhism believers,atheism believers,deism believers, Satanism believers,christian science believers, Scientology believers, Illuminati believers. After Rapture, everything will talk and the word will be , Jesus Christ has come back, the phone will talk, trees, bird's, animals,the order of the day will be ,Christ have returned back on earth second time.those who are left behind will receive the Fallen papers from the sky ,stating the reason why the are Left behind and this paper statements contain list of sins , which will go directly to the right person who is left behind. Note careful: brothers and sisters, do your best not to be left behind but to be raptured with the Lord Jesus Christ, Live a life of righteousness and holiness.

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