Hispanic & Latinx/a/o/e Explained

NAD     September 18, 2023 in ASL 16 Subscribers Subscribe

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[VIDEO DESC & TRANSCRIPT: Elizabeth is in front of a neutral background.

ELIZABETH: We’re celebrating Latinx/a/o/e & Hispanic Heritage Month from September 15th to October 15th! But what’s the difference between Latinx/a/o/e & Hispanic? I got you! Hispanic refers to someone who is or has heritage from a Spanish-speaking country, including Spain and Equatorial Guinea. HOWEVER, there are several indigenous peoples in Spanish-speaking countries that do not use Spanish and may not identify themselves as Hispanic. And we have Latinx/a/o/e, which refers to someone who is or has heritage from Latin America (although there are some folks from Latin American countries that do not identify as Latinx/a/o/e). Folks may either identify as Latinx, Latina, Latino, or Latine – depending on their gender identity. People also identify based on their nationality, language, belief, gender, and more. So, for me, I’m Latina because my family comes from Mexico in Latin America. Hope this was enlightening – and by the way, I celebrate my culture every day, not just during this month!]

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