A Deaf Nurse | Sarah

NAD   November 23, 2022 in ASL

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[VIDEO DESC & TRANSCRIPT: Sarah is standing in front of the camera, facing the camera.

SARAH: My hospital never had a deaf nurse before. I worked with them to help them understand what I need. I told them I needed a special phone, clear masks, so I can understand the patients and doctors. I told doctors that it'd be better if we communicated face to face.

Black and white video of Sarah treating a patient.

ON-SCREEN-TEXT: Meet Sarah, a registered nurse.

Black and white close up video of Sarah signing with a patient.

ON-SCREEN-TEXT: Sarah is deaf.

SARAH: It’s challenging because hearing people don’t understand. A lot of the doctors and nurses don’t understand that I’m deaf. I have to advocate for myself a lot. I have to educate them to help them understand who I am.

Black and white clip of Sarah checking the patient's vital signs.]

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