Venesse Guy's Astro Woke: "Do NOT say 4 things to a Scorpio" CHAMPS!!!!!!!!

Polaris   November 21, 2022 in ASL

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Please check out and FOLLOW her page "astro_woke" on Instagram and join/subscribe to all other social media platforms through her link:

Her recent content about Scorpio: "Do NOT say 4 things to a Scorpio" is one of the best contents in my mind, heart, and eyes ever! I love everything of it and embrace it very dear since what she said do apply to me so well.

I decided to share personal experiences since I have stronger Scorpio vibes in my nativity (Mars-Pluto Conjunction with Jupiter and Saturn in 7th house; Moon Scorpio 8th; Mars-Pluto-Jupiter trine ASC) - her content got me thinking deeply so I do appreciate her a lot for do this content! Thank you, Venesse!

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