This is a Vlog Response to "Bible is a big LIE!" by Chewbacca

Religious Books? Key? LIFE!

DM FBI   September 10, 2022 in PreachTheWord

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admit creator is real due the item IS created by Artist or Creator!! If deny it then NObody Can be Saved! Other religious Books do NOT tell much deeper FYI for us Believer in Creator (John 1) and understanding of Romans 1 of God's Wrath against UNRIGHTEOUS people who REJECTED Jesus our Lord who is Christ for whole wide World! (John 3:14-21!) Believe Him, NOT us who carry FYI for Him. Smile, friends

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    Title:   Adam to Moses, SPOKE   Link 1
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    Title:   why writing? Talk loss!
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    Title:   Error OR right, that's Q

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