A Message from the Elections Committee

NAD   June 28, 2022 in ASL

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A Message from the Elections Committee.

As stated in the NAD Bylaws under Article 4 Section 5, the Election Committee shall receive completed candidacy forms, requisite background information, and proof of membership of a State Association and/or member-based Organizational Affiliate from prospective candidates for Officer and Regional Board Member positions no later than thirty (30) days prior to the biennial national conference to verify candidacy requirements. Names of official candidates shall be posted prior to the conference. If there are no prospects for a particular position, the Election Committee shall receive candidacy documents prior to the start of the Council of Representatives meeting. There shall be no nominations from the floor except in cases where there are not more than one (1) candidate running for the Elected Offices at the time of the deadline in which nominations from the floor shall then be accepted.

Currently, we have one candidate for each position, therefore, we will be accepting nominations from the floor on Thursday, June 30th until 8:00 pm ET. At that time, prospective candidates shall submit the required candidacy forms for the Elections Committee to review and verify to determine eligibility.

Email Link if you have questions.

If you are interested, please fill out: Link

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