It's been a tough world since 2016. Trump, covid, supply shortage, lock downs...

deafguy55   June 19, 2022 in ASL

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Link , Link , Link , Link , Link , Link , Link , Link , [, [This is perhaps why some Conservative leadership candidates have spent so much time promoting all manner of conspiracy claims. Maybe the Conservatives think they will be able to harness the tactical rage of this phenomenon to the faux outrage of political theatrics.], Link , Link , Link , Link , [Republicans wasted a million dollars on a state congressional seat placeholder election that’s good for all of five months. We Democrats didn’t spend a dime and the margin was still razor thin. Mayra Flores is a fruitcake. Let her talk for five months. Drives turnout.], Link , Link , [The J6HC Is making an increasingly irresistible case that Trump, Eastman, Giuliani, Meadows, and others must be indicted for criminally conspiring to overturn the 2020 election and keep Trump in office past 1/20/21. All The President’s Men Must Be Tried:]

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