The 20 richest billionaires cause 8,000x more carbon emissions than the billi...

deafguy55   January 17, 2022 in ASL

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Link , Link , Link , Link , Link , Link , [AZ GOP Chair Kelli Ward dials the crazy up to 11, calling for arrests of election officials and labeling the Biden administration an “illegitimate regime.” "I want to see arrests. I want to see perp walks. I want to see people in jail for stealing this election." TrumpsTaxes @TrumpsTaxes Replying to @AccountableGOP and @BillKristol Kelli Ward is projecting. She is the one at the greatest risk of being arrested, going on a per walk, and being seen in jail for fraudulently signing forged documents. Quote Tweet TrumpsTaxes @TrumpsTaxes · Jan 15 Here are the fake Arizona GOP electors who fraudulently signed a forged document: Kelli Ward Mike Ward Anthony Kern Rep. Jake Hoffman Tyler Bowyer Jim Lamon Robert Montgomery Nancy Cottle Sam Moorhead Greg Stafsten Loraine Pellegrino Link Show this thread 11:52 AM · Jan 17, 2022·Twitter Web App 1 Retweet 12 Likes Show more replies Relevant people], Link , Link , Link , Link , Link , Link , Link

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