"A fraud on the American public." That's what Chief Justice Warren Burger, a ...

deafguy55   December 7, 2021 in ASL

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Link , Link , Link , [This is one of the most shocking illustrations of MSM not being fair to @POTUS .], Link , Link , [You probably wouldn’t recognize Jeffrey Clark out on the street but this high-ranking DoJ lawyer almost became AG & was ready and willing to use his power to subvert the election. You need to know his name and what he did. He doesn’t want you to. ], Link , [Ejaculating penis or is it just me?]...[LOL, grifter still labels himself “president”], Link , Link , Link , [Joe Biden is ready to warn Vladimir Putin during a call that Russia will face economy-jarring sanctions if it invades Ukraine. Biden seeks a diplomatic solution to deal with the tens of thousands of Russian troops massed near the Ukraine border.]

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