Thank Biden for jobs. Blame CEOs for inflation.... Buffett and others caught ...

deafguy55   December 5, 2021 in ASL

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Link , Link , Link , Link , [Every time I see a fundraising pitch that uses the word “hoax” I know exactly what it is. Here’s one.], Link , [Someone just *actually* suggested that because republicans senators voted to confirm Garland that we can’t trust him. Seriously. This is the kind of deluded bullshit disinformation I deal with daily.], Link , [The blood of 5000 + elderly our parents & Grandparents who died in HIS #privatized #LTC homes is on @DougFord hands Pouting faceCrying face unsupervised homes who are owned by his rich friends , so they can get richer Pouting face !!!! we will #NeverForget who is responsible for that Up pointing backhand indexUp pointing backhand index #VoteFordOut2022], Link

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