Trump has all but confirmed he is running again. Never forget how dangerous h...

deafguy55   December 2, 2021 in ASL

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Link , Link , Link , [Just a reminder that Donald Trump and Mark Meadows may have violated federal criminal law by attempting to weaponize the DOJ as part of their larger campaign to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election.], Link , Link , [Former federal prosecutor @glennkirschner2 has been speaking the blunt truth about Trump's criminal conduct for years. He's not stopping now just because most of the media, and most Democrats in Congress, have moved on.]...[That is one overarching conspiracy charge that they're on the hook for. There are lots of other pigeonhole crimes. There is a seditious conspiracy, rebellion. There are any number: Inciting an insurrection is a crime I maintain that Donald Trump fulfills all those federal criminal statutes. I'm optimistic that the Department of Justice is quietly, the way they should be, investigating all these crimes. It's not just a House select committee. I believe in my heart of hearts, knowing many of the people at the Department of Justice, that they're quietly going about their business. How can you not? When you see all this evidence of criminality and there's clearly what we call adequate predication — enough evidence to open a criminal investigation — I don't believe for a minute DOJ is turning a blind eye and saying, "We're happy to give our republic away to Donald Trump. We're not going to investigate these crimes." I don't believe that for a minute.]

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