Last week, President Biden was welcomed home in Scranton, PA where he discuss...

deafguy55   October 23, 2021 in ASL

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Link , Link , Link , [The billionaire tax would be historic (first tax of its kind in the world), sound policy (as billionaires pay so little today), easy to implement (fewer than 1000 taxpayers) & much needed (given obstacles to raising taxes elsewhere) This is huge!], Link , Link , ['The Facebook Papers represents a unique collaboration between 17 American news organizations, including the AP... Journalists from a variety of newsrooms, large and small, worked together to gain access to 1000s of pages of internal company documents..."], Link , Link , [Who Pays for the Manchin?], Link , Link , [Here are the Consequences to Democracy if AG Garland/DOJ Refuse to Prosecute Trump’s Election Crimes. #JusticeMatters ], Link , Link , [Wrong messaging, wrong timing. Why on earth would Ford announce the province will start phasing out proof of vaccination January 17 when so many workplace vaccination policies are just weeks away from kicking in and so many still need to be vaccinated?], Link , [Canada would be in such better shape with Covid if it weren’t for these Conservative Premier’s constantly making the wrong decisions, causing more sickness and death and ongoing restrictions. The majority of rational Canadians can’t take their endless stupidity any longer.]

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