How Trump Is Using a SPAC to Bankroll a New Social Media Company

deafguy55   October 23, 2021 in ASL

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Link , Link , Link , Link , Link , [Lin Wood spouts another baseless conspiracy theory about 9/11: “I think NBC was in on it. I think we sat there and watched...American citizens who were murdered. And I think they were murdered by the deep state."], Link , Link , Link , [Texas Republican Dan Patrick has paid his first voter fraud bounty: The $25,000 payout went to a progressive poll worker in Pennsylvania whose tip led to a single conviction of illegal voting by a registered Republican.], Link , Link , [Democratic leaders in Congress are getting closer to a budget deal. Negotiations are expected to continue into the weekend, with all sides indicating that just a few issues remain unsettled in the package of social services and climate change strategies.]

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