Sen.Joe Manchin is blocking Joe Biden's agenda. We found so much vile and pro...

deafguy55   October 19, 2021 in ASL

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Link , Link , [have corruption - will travel July: Manchin Reportedly Headlining Texas Fundraiser Hosted Mostly By GOP Donors The event’s hosts included executives at Texas-based oil and gas companies.], Link , [Jan. 6 Committee leaders say Trump's executive privilege lawsuit is little more than an effort to obstruct their investigation.], Link , Link , [NYT, MSNBC, Newsweek, & AP all mention Colin Powell being fully vaccinated in their headlines, but don’t mention that he was immunocompromised from multiple myeloma.], Link , Link , ["Colin Powell was an impressive man...[He had] a kind of inner strength and poise rarely seen at higher levels of American life...My most memorable encounters with him ended in disappointment on my part. But perhaps that says more about me than about him."], Link , Link , [Former Secretary of State Colin Powell was fully vaccinated against Covid, but his battle against a type of blood cancer had weakened his immune system. ]

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