Fundraising #JrNADTip: 5k Run and Walk

NAD   September 17, 2021 in ASL

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So... many of us are now back in school! We're sharing some fun ideas on fundraising. Here was the first #JrNADTip shared back in early 2020! Stay tuned for more!

[VIDEO DESC & TRANSCRIPT: Person is standing, while facing the camera, filtered in black and white. The NAD watermark is in the top right corner. Text swooshes in from different angles: "WEEKLY Jr. NAD TIP" in front of the person. Video turns into color.

PERSON: Here's a tip! Have your Jr. NAD chapter partner with other organizations to host a big fundraising event. For instance, a 5K run and walk. The profit could be split in half to both organizations!

Video fades to yellow background, the Jr. NAD logo pops up before going to black.]

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