TN has the highest per-capita covid death rate in the country. Why? One reaso...

deafguy55   September 15, 2021 in ASL

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Link , Link , [Tennessee student reportedly told 'Faith Over Fear' mask offensive and to turn inside out], Link , Link , [BREAKING NEWS: Gavin Newsom wins Orange County, known as “Reagan County” and home of Trumper Devin Nunes. RT TO CONGRATULATE GAVIN!], Link , Link , Link , Link , [“We have had people shot, beheaded. They’re taking the kids. If you’re on the run, and they find your family, they’ll hurt your family and put the word out in the neighborhood that ‘we’ve got your brother or son or daughter,’” Thrower said. “They cut off the heads of two boys that were nine and ten,” she told the mag, which said the description of beheaded children could not be independently verified. But the outlet reported that Christians in Afghanistan said they had received phone calls from the Taliban promising to behead them and that a British politician said that refugees had told him the extremists forced people to watch their relatives being beheaded.]

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