Turkey's decision to withdraw from the Istanbul Convention has increased conc...

deafguy55   September 14, 2021 in ASL

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Link , Link , Link , [Religious laws against women's right to choose and birth control Religious laws against gay folks Religious laws against border refugees And they have the balls to call all that RELIGIOUS FREEDOM rather than the RELIGIOUS BIGOTRY it really is.], Link , Link , [Colorado pastor who mocked AIDS deaths and spread vaccine conspiracy theories dies from COVID-19], Link , [Secretary of State Tony Blinken testified before Congress for the first time since America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan. Blinken told lawmakers that the White House inherited a deadline to withdraw without any plan from the Trump administration.], Link , [“This administration determined that September 11th was the timeline we were moving forward on,” says @RepHoulahan . "I think as a consequence, some of those decisions ended up making it harder for us to be able to get out elegantly and properly."]

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