State Department Spox Denies Giving Names of Americans or Afghan Allies to Ta...

deafguy55   August 27, 2021 in ASL

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Link , Link , Link , Link , Link , [“Conservatives have a policy plan that includes a blatant attack on public pensions. They would permanently relegate gig workers to second-class status in Canada’s workforce,” said Bea Bruske, President of the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC). The Conservative platform proposes a new private retirement and wage-loss scheme for gig workers that would replace the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and Employment Insurance (EI) program. It’s called the portable Employee Savings Account, and it forces workers to depend on a private fund at the mercy of bank fees and subject to unpredictable stock markets. “The Conservatives’ plan denies over a million gig economy workers access to not only the protections of basic labour standards, but to the Canada Pension Plan and Employment Insurance as well,” said Bruske. “These workers kept Canada going during the darkest days of the pandemic, yet Erin O’Toole and the Conservatives would deny them retirement security, EI benefits and even basic legal protections. That is reprehensible.”, Link , [Welcome news for Canadian seniors, who worked hard to build this country. They deserve to retire with comfort and dignity. A re-elected Liberal Government will permanently increase GIS by $500 annually for single #seniors and $750 for #senior couples, starting at age 65.]

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