Did Jesus Break the Sabbath?

ChetBrock     August 10, 2021 in ASL 42 Subscribers Subscribe

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So, did Jesus break the Sabbath? No, but rather Jesus upheld the Sabbath. During Jesus’s earthly ministry the Pharisees, in an effort to earn righteousness, added much to the law of God. By addition they thereby distorted it. They made the law about earning righteousness rather than using the law to point the people to the One who could give them righteousness. This is one of those instances. The Sabbath day was to be a holy day, a separate day. A day that pointed the people to God as they rested from work to worship Him. Jesus not only observed the Sabbath in this manner but is the fulfillment of the Sabbath for man as we cease our labor for righteousness and rest in the finished work of Jesus Christ. Jesus is Lord of the Sabbath!

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