A message to Leaders from YLC Builder, Ny’kel Best

NAD   July 23, 2021 in ASL

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Watch one of our YLC Builders shares a message for our Deaf Leaders at YLC. Thank you for being a Builder at YLC, Ny’kel Best!

[TRANSCRIPT & DESC: YLC Builder Ny’kel Best is standing in the middle of the screen at a local park.

Ny’kel: I am looking how you will use your knowledge by giving back to the community. Share your knowledge to lift and build other Deaf youth. I hope you continue this for future generation leaders to show that you all can succeed. I really can see you becoming successful. Without a doubt, YLC is a place for you, leaders and builders, to unite together as family forever. I know it lasted only for two weeks, and on the top of that - virtually! Time flew so fast, and it has been amazing. It was worth it. However big or small the moments there were, cherish them. One day, we’ll get together, look back into our memories that we’d never forget.Thank you for joining YLC and becoming a part of our YLC family. I love you all! #LongLiveYLC2021!]

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