How to report fake NAD accounts on Instagram

NAD   June 24, 2021 in ASL

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Due to a spike of fake accounts on Instagram pretending to be NAD, Sean explains how you can report a fake account and how to be sure you’re following the right @NAD1880 account!

[TRANSCRIPT & DESC: Sean is standing in the middle of the screen. The NAD logo is transparent in bottom right corner.

SEAN: Hey! We want to let you know that there are some fake accounts on Instagram that are pretending to be NAD. If you got a message or a follow request from the NAD, how do you know which account is real?

True-biz, the NAD is verified (A Blue Verified Check icon appeared on the top right corner) - the blue check on all of our social media accounts! check out our profile! If you get a message or a follow request from fake NAD accounts, please report it. How?

(On the left side, a vertical screen-recorded clip shows the process to make a report on the Instagram app through a phone)

On that fake NAD account, find the 3 dots on the top right corner of their profile. Click on it, and there will be a drop down list. Click “Report.” Next, click “Report Account”. Next, “It’s pretending to be someone else”. Then ”A business or organization”. Then it’ll ask you who the fake account is pretending to be... Type in @NAD1880 and submit! That’s it!]

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