President Updates -- February 2021

NAD   March 4, 2021 in ASL

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President Melissa gives an update on the five priorities, how to support Deaf Texans, Black History month is 24/7, and National Deaf Youth Day.


MELISSA: Hi, I'm Melissa and I have a few updates this month.

The first update is regarding the five new NAD priorities. We had our first Board meeting in January, last month, and spent the entire month of February getting started on those priorities. Our committees spent time reviewing the priorities and discussing their plan of action. I'm excited about our progress and will be sharing updates as they come.
Second, Texas experienced a very difficult and unexpected winter storm a few weeks ago. People had no power and no water for almost a week, depending on where they lived. A local organization, Access 2 Activism, was brought to our attention for their action during the storm. They are supporting deaf and hard of hearing community members with food, supplies, and whatever else people needed. Their organization's goal is to help those in need. Access to Activism and the Texas Association of the Deaf (TAD) are working closely together during this time. For more information and how to donate, check the NAD's post on Facebook and Instagram. I encourage you to donate any amount, small or large. As of today, some people in Texas still need support.

Third, as you may know, February is Black History month. There were many great webinars with fantastic panelists and many different learning opportunities for everyone. I've appreciated participating in these opportunities. And actually, one person mentioned something that struck a chord in me and I would like to share that comment with you -- Black History isn't only limited to one month, it should be an act of learning and celebration everyday in schools, non-profit organizations, and corporations. Learning and celebrating everyday will help dismantle racism. The person who shared that comment is Black and said, "I'm Black 24/7 -- not just in February. We should celebrate Black History throughout the year, past February." We need to remember that.

And finally, I'm excited about National Deaf Youth Day! This year we're hosting an event on Friday, March 5th. Several Deaf schools and many employers are participating in the NAD's virtual mock interviews. This is a great opportunity for deaf high school students. If you know someone who is participating on Friday, tell them good luck! Thank you for watching.

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