Franklin Graham: Democrats Want To "Literally And Totally Erase All The Good ...

deafguy55   February 21, 2021 in ASL

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Link , Link , [Franklin Graham on FB: Some of our Democratic leaders seem to be compelled by hate. For four years they have been more concerned with trying to hurt former President Donald J. Trump than anything else—and they’re still at it. Now they have gone to the trouble to instigate a new bill that would ban former presidents who have been twice impeached by the House of Representatives from being buried in Arlington National Cemetery and prohibit federal funds from being used to display their names or acknowledge their achievements. It’s obvious that there’s only one person they’re talking about here. They would like to literally and totally erase all the good that President Trump’s policies did for this country. It’s a shame. The California Democrat who introduced the bill calls it the “No Glory for Hate Act.” Pretty ironic isn’t it?}

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