Can Allegory make you an agnostic believer?

deafguy55   January 5, 2021 in deafguy55\'s perspectives-generally Political News and Religions

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Link , Link , ["I think that where we are right now, the 21st century ... is going to prove a very difficult testing ground for organized religion and for people of faith," Stipe says. "A lot of the ideas that are still being held onto -- I call them 'hangovers' -- seem to be mid-century or even earlier. (They are) 19th century, 20th century ideas that are almost anachronistic in 2004. "And so, if organized religion and people of faith want to continue into the 21st century, I think they kind of have to live in the times that we're living. You have to understand that the holy scripture is a very important part of my life, and my upbringing, and the culture that I came up through -- but it's allegory." Stipe characterizes contemporary American society as "facing a civil war."]

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