Paranoid Trump Accuses Pence of Betraying Him, Says Report

deafguy55   December 26, 2020 in ASL

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Link , Link , Link , Link , Link , Link , [“Trump (views) Pence performing his constitutional duty — and validating the election result — as the ultimate betrayal,” Axios reported. The increasingly paranoid president mentioned a Dec. 8 television ad from the #NeverTrump Lincoln Project that predicted Pence would eventually dump Trump and seal President-elect Joe Biden’s win. The ad, which Axios reported has rattled Trump, said the conservative veep is “running away from you Donald. And on January 6, @VP will preside over the vote proving @joebiden beat you.” Trump is also fed up with White House counsel Pat Cipollone and chief of staff Mark Meadows, whom he views as less than 100% committed to his dead-end fight to overturn the election, according to reports.]

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