Titans (South AFC 5-0) vs Steelers (North AFC 5-0)

otismhill82   October 25, 2020 in NFL Zone

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Titans (South AFC 5-0) vs Steelers (North AFC 5-0) game score predictions from my expert!
Steelers 33, Titans 24: Defensive shortcomings finally catch up to the Tennessee Tannehills/Henrys. But it will be close. Pittsburgh has the best defense and maybe the best team in the NFL. The Titans won’t be able to get Derrick Henry going and can’t make it a shootout.
Never a good time to lose your left tackle to injury, but for the Titans, this was an especially bad week to lose Taylor Lewan.
Losing Taylor Lewan could make the Titans susceptible to the Pittsburgh pass rush. But there's something about the wide range of this offense that makes you believe Derrick Henry and Ryan Tannehill will find a way to win it.
Titans beat Texans W42-36 OT but Steelers beat Texans W28-21

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