Does Trump's Firing of Inspector General, Michel Atkinson Bother You?

WonderGent   April 8, 2020 in ASL

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  1. ReplyTo:   WonderGent
    Title:   agree yes very true
  2. ReplyTo:   WonderGent
    Title:   Trump fired some!
  3. ReplyTo:   WonderGent
    Title:   $2Trillion Covid-19 Bill
  4. ReplyTo:   WonderGent
    Title:   Who is next
  5. ReplyTo:   JetSoCal
    Title:   Have a Link?
  6. ReplyTo:   SilverFace
    Title:   DT is a Thief & Lair.
  7. ReplyTo:   deafguy55
    Title:   That's part one Vlog
  8. ReplyTo:   WonderGent, JetSoCal
    Title:   Fox News link   Link 1
  9. ReplyTo:   WonderGent, JetSoCal
    Title:   Good link   Link 1
  10. ReplyTo:   Drumpf Daily
  11. ReplyTo:   JetSoCal, Drumpf Daily
    Title:   Thanks for Links!
  12. ReplyTo:   WonderGent
    Title:   trump already know   Link 1
  13. ReplyTo:   WonderGent
  14. ReplyTo:   maherpower67
    Title:   Senate GOP are under DT
  15. ReplyTo:   deafguy55
    Title:   Your video on Obama
  16. ReplyTo:   DeafPistoms
    Title:   my vlog now posted   Link 1

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