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WonderGent   April 6, 2020 in ASL

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I never said teh convid-19 will not enter U.S. if Hillary is President. Hillary will take action quicker than Trump did. When first report on coronavirus was made to Trump on Dec 15, he didn't take action until March. Will Hillary do teh same not taking action until March? No, she wouldn't. Trump tells misinformation daily during press conference at teh WH. Will Hillary do the same, too? No, she will tell straight with facts to Americans. That's what I am talking about. You cannot comparing Hilalry with Trump. They're different like day and night.

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    Title:   For Krauft1944
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    Title:   MD Gov willing to fight   Link 1
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    Title:   Deafguy55's Vlog on DT   Link 1
  4. ReplyTo:   WonderGent
    Title:   There are no comparison
  5. ReplyTo:   AllSpeedsterFreak
    Title:   Yes, Agree w/ ur comment

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