DVTV Contest: Best in Romance

Tar2006   January 26, 2020 in ASL

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Tar is hosting DVTV Contest for February Month. The theme will be "Best in Romance"... All of you need to sign up until Feb 3! The vlog contest start from Feb 3 to Feb 10. The voting open on Feb 10 to Feb 14. The result will be announce after Feb 14! THE WINNER WILL RECEIVE $25 PRIZE! To sign up join this contest- Link

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    Title:   Let's see if we can?   Link 1
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    Title:   Go Ahead
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    Title:   I did!
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    Title:   thanks
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    Title:   Sign up!
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    Title:   My answer is No
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    Title:   fun fun fun
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    Title:   YES
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    Title:   Yay lol
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    Title:   Sorry :-(
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    Title:   NO Thank you ;)
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