Can pager connect to Smart TV?

GraciousTorah   September 25, 2019 in ASL

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If can then what do you call that device?

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  1. ReplyTo:   GraciousTorah
    Title:   You CAN!
  2. ReplyTo:   PatrickDSC
    Title:   Have you tested?
  3. ReplyTo:   GraciousTorah
    Title:   Mirroring Phone to TV
  4. ReplyTo:   GraciousTorah
    Title:   Do you have Roku?
  5. ReplyTo:   Word2Believe, PatrickDSC
    Title:   My mistake "pager" no...
  6. ReplyTo:   GraciousTorah
    Title:   Need one skill person
  7. ReplyTo:   GraciousTorah, Word2Believe
    Title:   Download Roku app
  8. ReplyTo:   GraciousTorah, PatrickDSC
    Title:   Perfect
  9. ReplyTo:   Word2Believe, PatrickDSC
    Title:   will get back to you
  10. ReplyTo:   GraciousTorah
  11. ReplyTo:   GraciousTorah
  12. ReplyTo:   Yasharun, Word2Believe, PatrickDSC
    Title:   "Screen Mirror" on TV
  13. ReplyTo:   GraciousTorah, Yasharun, Word2Believe
    Title:   Screen Mirror
  14. ReplyTo:   Yasharun, Word2Believe, PatrickDSC
    Title:   Thanks for advice
  15. ReplyTo:   GraciousTorah
  16. ReplyTo:   GraciousTorah, Word2Believe, PatrickDSC

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