Ipad/Iphone users and DVTV inbox

ruralvalady   June 12, 2019 in ASL

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Please download a flash player-supported phone web browser called "Puffin Browser Pro" from Apple App Store/iTunes, you pay ONE-TIME FEE, $4.99 that allows you to access DVTV inbox and DVTV video comments (upload, record video). Be sure click/tap three-dots menu to select/check "Desktop Site" on that allows to see full video (no black box).

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  1. ReplyTo:   ruralvalady
    Title:   Puffin Web Browser link   Link 1
  2. ReplyTo:   ruralvalady
    Title:   Android Phone/Tablet Onl   Link 1
  3. ReplyTo:   ruralvalady
    Title:   Pay one time?
  4. ReplyTo:   edoedo
    Title:   Use App menu-installed
  5. ReplyTo:   edoedo
    Title:   IMPORTANT: apple ID#
  6. ReplyTo:   ruralvalady
    Title:   Dunno if ipados work?
  7. ReplyTo:   signhand
    Title:   Apple tech news/flash pl
  8. ReplyTo:   ruralvalady
  9. ReplyTo:   ruralvalady
    Title:   Can change video/inbox

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