Bible Contradictions

Pope   May 23, 2019 in ASL

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This is why you never see a church reading a bible in a correct order.

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  2. ReplyTo:   Pope
    Title:   okay i will reapond
  3. ReplyTo:   Pope
    Title:   try my best
  4. ReplyTo:   Pope
    Title:   66? 666? LOL
  5. ReplyTo:   NormASL1, Pope
    Title:   normasl it sad
  6. ReplyTo:   Bobby2k4
    Title:   fellow his way
  7. ReplyTo:   YouEarnBetterThanMe
    Title:   just curious
  8. ReplyTo:   Bobby2k4
    Title:   understand
  9. ReplyTo:   Pope, YouEarnBetterThanMe
  10. ReplyTo:   YouEarnBetterThanMe
  11. ReplyTo:   NormASL1
    Title:   If you was jesus will yo
  12. ReplyTo:   NormASL1
    Title:   You earn wrose wrose chr
  13. ReplyTo:   NormASL1
  14. ReplyTo:   Pope
  15. ReplyTo:   YouEarnBetterThanMe
  16. ReplyTo:   NormASL1
    Title:   I sorry and let me calif
  17. ReplyTo:   NormASL1
    Title:   Forget to add
  18. ReplyTo:   YouEarnBetterThanMe
  19. ReplyTo:   NormASL1
    Title:   Understand, thank you

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