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WonderGent   May 20, 2019 in ASL

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  1. ReplyTo:   WonderGent
    Title:   Beautifully Said
  2. ReplyTo:   WonderGent
    Title:   beautiful vlog!
  3. ReplyTo:   WonderGent
    Title:   Amein! Loud and Clear
  4. ReplyTo:   WonderGent
    Title:   three things...?   Link 1
  5. ReplyTo:   WonderGent
    Title:   missed point
  6. ReplyTo:   WonderGent
      Link 1
  7. ReplyTo:   WonderGent, trazom
    Title:   Key time 00:14 video   Link 1
  8. ReplyTo:   PARADISEDOVE, WonderGent
  9. ReplyTo:   trazom
    Title:   I am sorry not clarify u   Link 1
  10. ReplyTo:   PARADISEDOVE
    Title:   now I see
  11. ReplyTo:   trazom
    Title:   Happy like child
  12. ReplyTo:   PARADISEDOVE
    Title:   Great, joy ur day
  13. ReplyTo:   WonderGent
    Title:   Matthew 7:14 Few
  14. ReplyTo:   DM FBI, PARADISEDOVE, deafguy55, trazom, Zazzy7, Jack67
  15. ReplyTo:   DM FBI, PARADISEDOVE, deafguy55, WonderGent, Zazzy7
  16. ReplyTo:   deafguy55, WonderGent, trazom, Zazzy7
    Title:   Tks for kind word Nite
  17. ReplyTo:   WonderGent
    Title:   Jesus Only Way

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