2019 RAD Conference

RADConference   May 13, 2019 in ASL

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[Transcript] - by Tar Gillman, RAD's Director of Public Relations.

Opening showing- Meet our Committee of 2019 RAD Conference on July 16-21 in Austin, TX. The video showed some recap of Austin City's background.

Roy Jones- Beautiful city in Austin... Howdy, I'm Roy Jones as your co-chair of 2019 RAD Conference. Welcome to Austin! Please meet our current committee! Here...

Melvin Beeman- Hello! I'm Melvin Beeman, co-chair of 2019 Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf (RAD) Conference. I'm here at downtown of Austin. This is Colorado road between 4th Street where we have many different LGBT bars which is various types. You could have fun over here and once again, welcome to Austin!

José-ovi Velazquez- Hello, I'm José-ovi Velazquez, you may call me Ovi. I'm the Pageant Director. I would like to make an announcement that this year that there will be no pageant contest at all. However, we will have new contest called "Phun". It sounds like Fun but it is the Phun contest which we are excited to announce for more details about Phun! Stay on tunes.

Brian Determan- Hello, I'm Brian Determan, I'm responsible for presenters in the workshop (Workshop Coordinator). We are collect the information to set up for different workshop. I hope to see y'all there!

Tar Gillman- Hiya, I'm Tar Gillman as Director of Public Relations. I hope to see y'all there!

Claudia Morton- Hello everybody! Welcome to Austin! This logo behind me is pretty right? I'm Claudia Morton. I'm responsible for program book (Program Book Coordinator). I'm collecting all details including presenters, workshop, design, etc into the schedule on the book. I really hope to see you all there soon with much of loves!

Eric Barland- Hello!! I'm Eric Breland. I'm serve on committee for 2019 RAD Conference. I'm responsible to help out with sponsorship including fundraising. Anyone who is interested to reserve the table booth as venders, see me and also interpreter coordinator too. I really hope to see all of you show up at RAD!

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