Got phone call from police about JW new mins ago

ASLisGreat   April 7, 2019 in ASL

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Best post no trespassing sign on door. If JW ignore your sign and knock on door. Call police and you can press charge, they will take JW to court. I d ...Read More

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    Title:   Thanks for your advise
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  5. ReplyTo:   Yasharun
    Title:   yes thats true
  6. ReplyTo:   Chickadee
    Title:   sticky
  7. ReplyTo:   ASLisGreat
  8. ReplyTo:   Deaf Hunter
    Title:   inform HOA and Police
  9. ReplyTo:   ASLisGreat
  10. ReplyTo:   ASLisGreat
    Title:   thanks
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      Link 1
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