Even the small lies

Drumpf Daily   March 11, 2019 in ASL

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Trump will even lie about the smallest things

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      Link 1
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    Title:   love twitter!   Link 1
  4. ReplyTo:   Drumpf Daily
    Title:   Credibility as a whole
  5. ReplyTo:   Airshowfan
    Title:   Starbucks mocha...
  6. ReplyTo:   Pope
    Title:   Lies to cover up lies
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    Title:   tip re: links
  8. ReplyTo:   deafguy55
    Title:   love Twitter too
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    Title:   Lifestyles...
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    Title:   Hide me please!
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    Title:   Grown Up
  12. ReplyTo:   SilentOneye
    Title:   Growup&blockorhide

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