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DS65   January 12, 2018 in Bible Study

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Please pray for John . Thank you

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  2. ReplyTo:   DS65
    Title:   Pray for John L
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  4. ReplyTo:   deafpercy
    Title:   Pray for u too.
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  6. ReplyTo:   DM FBI
    Title:   Good to see you back
  7. ReplyTo:   Delight
    Title:   DITTO! Hope cure 2x
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  10. ReplyTo:   NormASL1
    Title:   Amen
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  13. ReplyTo:   Delight
    Title:   age!?
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  19. ReplyTo:   DM FBI, deafdl, Not_I_But_Christ, Delight, NormASL1, deafpercy, DS65
    Title:   Amen to Norm!
  20. ReplyTo:   DM FBI
    Title:   my tumors

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