Christians in White House - Deafguy55

KymSky   December 7, 2017 in ASL

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    Title:   Tagging you
  2. ReplyTo:   KymSky
    Title:   happy to talk
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  4. ReplyTo:   Deafwomynpride, KymSky
    Title:   I do question myself
  5. ReplyTo:   KymSky
    Title:   Presidents' beliefs   Link 1
  6. ReplyTo:   KymSky
    Title:   US' Founding Fathers
  7. ReplyTo:   KymSky
  8. ReplyTo:   KymSky
  9. ReplyTo:   Deafwomynpride, KymSky
    Title:   for example GOP issue   Link 1
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    Title:   Interesting history
  12. ReplyTo:   dsport06
    Title:   G stand for Grand
  13. ReplyTo:   NeaLaugh
  14. ReplyTo:   KymSky
    Title:   history laid it down
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