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GraciousTorah   July 16, 2017 in Deaf Biblical Textual Criticism

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The main purpose is really simple that we have Strong's Exhaustive Concordance (SEC) up to 5624 Greek words but I preferred Complete Biblical Library (CBL) up to 5457 Greek words, of course we can share NASB Concordance which is much better information by committees. For example, at the beginning number CBL #11 & SEC #11 with one name, Abraham, so I am sure we all agree there is no other person then move on to #12 abussos (noun, 9 times) bottomless, depth, abyss, etc. which is very complex terminology of how can we interpret this word 'abussos.' Also we can use Septuagint Usage (LXX) appeared 33 times in canonical material along with Hebrew "te'hom" a term often denoting the "deep" like Gen. 1:2, what does "deep" mean, etc.?

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