Lastly pet peeve, LGBT vs Religious DVTV'ers!

ASLMav   June 28, 2016 in ASL

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This count more shame than earn! (Idol, reputation, and respect boundaries!)

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  2. ReplyTo:   ASLMav
  3. ReplyTo:   ASLMav
    Title:   I agree with ya!
  4. ReplyTo:   ASLMav
  5. ReplyTo:   ASLMav
    Title:   deafwymanpride/confedboy
  6. ReplyTo:   hereeeesjohnny123
    Title:   Actions speaks loud!
  7. ReplyTo:   BiggreeneggTn
    Title:   Yes, you know!
  8. ReplyTo:   ASLMav
    Title:   Good vlog!
  9. ReplyTo:   ASLMav
    Title:   John 8:1-11

  10. Title:   Don't be double standard
  11. ReplyTo:   Deafwomynpride
    Title:   forgive me? :/
  12. ReplyTo:   hereeeesjohnny123
    Title:   of course I forgive you
  13. ReplyTo:   Deafwomynpride
    Title:   thanks! :)
  14. ReplyTo:   hereeeesjohnny123

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