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PARADISEDOVE   December 30, 2015 in ART: Painting

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New Watercolor arches: 22 X 30 300 lbs [640 gsm] 5 sheets each. Hot Press [HP]: Fine smooth no texture like as hot iron press cloth smooth Cold Press [CP]: Slightly Texture surface like as little bumpy or begin chill arm Rough [R]: Texture surface as prominent teeth like as deep freeze arm show "goose bump peak like timbers" LOL This watercolor arches also can use for drawing, calligraphy, gouache, printmaking, acrylics, and digital printing. Please click excellent article: Link

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    Title:   weight?
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  3. ReplyTo:   PARADISEDOVE, Eyeshine
    Title:   the more solid ?
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    Title:   YAY!!! I finally am here
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    Title:   3 suck slow fast depend
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    Title:   splash
  7. ReplyTo:   signhand, Eyeshine
    Title:   Yes!!! Right that's why
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    Title:   only 3 category of weigh
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    Title:   Yes I agree amazing
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    Title:   good refresher!
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    Title:   can use oil/acrylic?
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    Title:   Canvas vs. Paper
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    Title:   Canvas panel "block"
  14. ReplyTo:   signhand, PARADISEDOVE, Eyeshine, aslartist
    Title:   depend on
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    Title:   van-77 QQ paper weight?
  17. ReplyTo:   signhand, Vangogh77, Eyeshine
    Title:   http://bit.ly/1IK94my
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    Title:   watercolor vs gouaches
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    Title:   Welcome to the club!
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